Chapter 1



I heard the metal gears of the garage door open and close. Keys clattering on the kitchen counter, I heard heavy muffled footsteps pounding up the staircase.

My heart thundered in my chest pretending to be sleep, just as Malik, the love of my life, entered.

Malik and I met our freshmen year of high school. I knew he was good, being that he was playing varsity by his junior year and had colleges knocking down his door with scholarships. What blew my mind was that he also had the Atlanta Hawks who wanted him right out of high school.

A finger trailed from the small of my back down to my love.

“Malik," I moaned lightly as my fingers firmly gripped the edge of the mattress.

He was finally home.

After his game in Vegas, he'd flown right back home to be in my arms.

Opening my eyes, I turned over…

“Hey baby, you miss daddy?”

“Yes, but I missed him more,” I moaned, reaching down in his shorts for his dick.

His hot mouth found one of my nipples before moving to the next. Dragging his shorts down his legs his ankles with my feet, he wasted no time kicking them the rest of the way off.

Guiding one of my legs up over each of his shoulders, he climbed on top of me pushing my knee to my chest. Grabbing ahold of his dick I ran a thumb lightly over his head before rubbing his throbbing head up and down my swelling folds, teasing my wetness; tickling my clit.

My leg started to shake, and my muscles quivered beneath my heated skin as he prepared to fill me with his swelling heat. I let a moan escape my throat as I slowly rotated my hips, rocking with each inch that crept inside me.

Placing my hands softly on his shoulders, I waited in anticipation. My body laid still as I let him have his way with my aroused body.

“Shit!” he shouted as he looked down at his dick sliding in and out of my honey.

Arms wrapping around his neck, pulling myself up and closer to him as he I felt my walls stretch with each long stroke of his dick. My skin was tingling. It felt so good hanging onto him as he pumped into me, becoming one with me. He was hitting my spot over and over again, sending flashes of pleasure through my body.

Propped up on his elbow, he reached around and placed a hand on the small of my back. Holding me steady, his long deep strokes grew increasingly harder as he pounded into me.

 “Oh shi-it,” I breathed, feeling the slow deep pulls of an orgasm deep in my belly.

Gripping a handful of my hair, he pulled hard as he thrust himself deep and deeper inside of me. I could feel him in my guts.

 “Shit! You-ur puss-sey is soooo gooood ba-by,” Malik moaned now pinning my hips down to the bed with his large, strong hands. “Shit!”

He threw his head back pulling me closer to him as he pushed into me. I could feel the muscles in his dick contracting as he filled my walls.

Still, inside me, he lowered himself down, laying his head on my chest as he wrapped his arms around my back. My leg trembled down from his shoulder as he slowly rotated his hips, getting more comfortable inside me.

I thought it would always be like that.

Chapter 2


Two years later…


“Did you fuck her?” I asked spinning the laptop around.

NBA Star Spends Intimate Evening With InstaModel While Award Nominated Wife Waits At Home the AAMBC Journal article headline read. Just inches under the headline was a collage of intimate looking pictures of some plastic looking bitch and Malik. The two of them holding hands; the two of them sitting across from one another at the same restaurant he had been promising to take me to for months, and finally, the two standing awfully close to one another as they gazed longingly into each other's eyes. 

“Did, you fuck her?” I asked again slamming my hand on the counter. Everything I had been suspecting over the last year was finally confirmed. My entire body was shaking as the truth settled in.

He was cheating on me.

“Ayo,” he said taking a step towards me.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled. “Just don’t!”

“Aye,” he said this time a bit softer. “You know you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. I could easily explain what I was doing in each of those pictures.”

He paused. I was staring down at his size 13s holding back the tears threatening to fall.

I wish I would have encouraged him to listen to his coach and go to college instead of the NBA. If you had told me that things would end up like this after started getting time off the bench, I would have definitely reconsidered putting my dreams on hold to become a basketball wife.

I would have never invested my time, energy, and soul into this man. I was there when no one else was. I was the one scraping up money for shoes so he could play in high school. I was the one that moved across the country when he was drafted. I was the one trying to make a happy home and give him children. And this is how he repays me?

 Swiping at the tears running down my cheeks, I turned away from him. I had given this man so much. The last thing I wanted to do now was give him my tears as my heart was breaking.

Large hands gripped my shoulders, and I tried to shake them off.

“Get off me!”

As usual, he didn’t listen. He never listened to me.

Picking me up in his arms, I swung my legs wildly while trying to loosen his tight grip. We fell to the floor with a thud.

Not giving up, he rolled us over until my stiff body was beneath him.

“Ayo,” he said softly, eyes pleading.

I shook my head, throat too clogged with tears to respond. I tried to push his heavy body off me, but he just held me tighter. His arms like steel bands around my hips. Sloppy kisses landed on my cheeks, neck, and chest as I stared blankly at the ceiling.

Tears continued to flow.

The heat of his body covered me as he moved lower. Grasping the waistband of my leggings, he pulled them down along with my panties. The cool breeze of the air conditioner caused me to shiver.

And tears continued to flow.

Placing his wide shoulders between my quivering thighs, Malik shoved his face into my aroused folds. I smothered my moans as his full warm lips connected with my clit. The smacking kiss caused my pussy to tremble.

And still, tears continued to flow.

Sucks, slurps, moans, and groans left my husband as I tried to keep my eyes from closing. Thunder roared in the background, mimicking the storm brewing inside me.

Yet and still tears continued to flow.

My legs shook. My heart raced. Ecstasy flowed freely through my veins. My toes curled. My thighs clenched tightly around Malik’s head.

Despite that, tears continued to flow.

My body soared. My pussy gave it up. Arousal dripped from me as my orgasm rocked my frame in waves.

Removing his body from mine, he picked me up and carried me into our bedroom.

And tears still flowed.

Holding me tight, I listened as he whispered sweet nothings and promises into my ear. Aftershocks shook my body as I was lulled into a deep sleep by the rhythm of his heartbeat.

Hours later I woke up alone. Loneliness tried to creep into my heart until my gaze landed on the red roses and note on his side of the bed.

A smile lit up my face as I smelled the flowers and only got bigger as I read his note. An invitation for a date with my husband at five o’clock. Hopping out of bed, I rushed to get ready.

As the clock struck midnight, I realized two things. One, Malik wasn’t coming home. And two, he had never answered my question.

The tears began to flow.


 Chapter 3


And flow..

I was sitting on the floor crying when my phone started beeping. My tears and heart seemed to stop at the thought of Malik calling me.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, I pulled myself off the floor looking for my phone. I scooped it up off the bed. Hands shaking, I walked to the bathroom while swiping at the screen of my phone to get to Malik’s message.

           Standing over the sink, I stared down at the notification from Instagram alerting me that Malik had posted a new photo. My throat went dry as my shaking thumb clicked.

           The tears fell.

           And then my phone.

           I watched as it bounced around the porcelain sink landing face up. My question was answered. Malik was at a showing for the Black Panther movie with Her on his arm. Avoiding my reflection in the mirror, I wiped at my wet face.

The heaviness in my heart was too much for my weak body to take and I collapsed to the floor.

Stupid bitch! Why’d you let him gas you up like that?

The pain in my chest was sharp, breaking the last bit of self-control I had. Flashes of him and me, him and Her, and the countless other women he had been pictured with floated before my eyes.

Piercing sounds bounced off the marble walls, and it took me a few moments to realize it was my own heart-wrenching screams.

Crawling over to the large tub, I turned the knobs above the faucet and watched it fill with water. Without stripping my clothes, I sat there in the tub until it was filled up and nearly flooded the bathroom. I cried my eyes out until the water turned cold.

Loneliness was so miserable.

Energy at an all-time low, I drug myself out of the cold water. I used the last of my strength to peel the wet clothes from my shivering body. Tossing them to the already wet floor, I grabbed my fluffy towel and wrapped it around my body.

Walking into the bedroom, I found myself in front of the full-length mirror that sat across from the window.

Even without makeup and with puffy red-rimmed eyes in a sunken face, I was still pretty.

Why Malik want me?

I had jet black hair that touched the top of my high butt; compliments of my Puerto Rican mother. My father gave me my butterscotch complexion and genetics gave me deep dimples and alluring grey eyes.

I let my towel drop to the floor.

I’d lost more than a couple of pounds.

All because of the stress Malik was putting me through.

At 5’4” 130 pounds, I couldn’t afford to lose any weight. My eyes locked onto my breasts, noting the slight sagginess. Turning to the side, my gaze traveled down my slim waist to my small hips, checking off every imperfection. Though still toned, my legs were not like they use to be; shapely and muscular as if I ran ten miles a day.

Fuck you, Malik!

I was looking over my shoulder at my ass when an uneasy feeling came over me. It took root somewhere in the pit of my stomach, making me looked around suspiciously. It felt like, someone’s watching me. Hairs rising on the back of my neck sent an awkward chill down my back.

I turned to the window, searching the night when I saw a black shadow in my neighbor Ms. Alice’s window.


Chapter 4


I couldn’t move.

What in the…

I took a step towards the window and there it was. Piercing black eyes staring at me through a small slit in the curtains.

Heart pounding I snatched my towel from the floor, covering myself as I ran to close the curtain.

What the hell was that? I thought, breathing rapidly.

I always hated how close these condos were to each other. It never really seemed to be an issue because my seventy-year-old neighbor, Ms.Alice, was constantly out of town. After her husband died, she wanted to see the world. The only time I saw her was when she would return from her adventures and invite me over for tea to tell me all about it. Over the last three years, she became a mother figure to me.

Ms. Alice is in Africa. It couldn’t be her.

Then who? Was it my imagination?

Curiosity getting the better of me, I steadied my breathing as I tried to still my thumping heart. With a shaky finger, I parted the curtain a few inches, peeking out into the night. The street was still and silent and in Ms. Alice’s window; a silhouette was illuminated by a dull light.

Breath coming out in short bursts, mouth dropped open. The sounds of my breath mixed with the beating of my heart as I squinted to try and get a better look.

Ms. Alice?

No, it wasn’t Ms. Alice. Ms. Alice was in Africa. And, Ms. Alice wasn’t that tall… or wide.

Spending the last several years on the court made me an expert in sizing men up within seconds. I could tell by his muscular figure and stiff posture that this was a man. Tall, but shorter than Malik. I imagined 6’1, dark skin and beautiful white teeth.

My nipples felt tight as they hardened into painful points. My breath came in short pants as a deep throbbing in my core began. I felt the skin on my inner thighs start to quiver, I let the curtains shut.

Oh, Lawd.

I scanned the room as if someone was in the room watching me as well. The thought made me bite my lip.

I was nervous, yet, intrigued to be naked in front of another man. I had only been with Malik. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only woman he had been with. No, he had Her.

Disappointment, anger, and bitterness swirled through my veins.

Fuck it!

An inner exhibitionist pulled the curtains wider, screaming to be released.

Chapter 5


Dropping the towel, I was as naked as the day I was born.

And I wasn’t ashamed.

Standing directly in the center of the window, I ran my fingers through my long thick mane. Tossing my head from side to side like I’d seen girls do in videos. To a beat of my own, I twirled my hips and lifted my hands turning to the side. Watching myself in the mirror across the room I followed my eyes as I bent over.

Turning, so that my moist peach was facing the world, I moved my hips to a seductive tune, all my own. All the tension from earlier melted away under the stranger’s gaze. This man’s full attention made me feel beautiful, sexy and wanted. Something I haven’t felt from Malik in a couple of years.

Straightening my body, I looked over my shoulder out the window. Grabbing a handful of my breast, I shot a glance towards the window.

I tried to swallow the lump forming in my throat.

My pussy ached as I pictured the strange faceless man behind the curtains.

Tweaking my nipples, I stuck out my tongue and traced the outside of the hardened point. A ripple of pleasure made its way through my body, and I guided my hand down a familiar path. Winking, I closed the curtains.

Oh my God. My heart was pounding.

I couldn’t believe I’d just done that.

My kitty was pulsing in time with pounding heart. 

Rushing to my panty drawer, I retrieved my favorite toy, a rechargeable wand. It had five different speeds and fifteen different vibration patterns. It would have me cumming in no time.

I put it on the highest speed and closed my legs around it. In less than ten minutes, my pussy gave it up, and I was thrown headfirst into an orgasm. Aftershocks still running through me, I drifted off to sleep with Shadow on my mind.

Maybe I will give him a little show next time.

Chapter 6


The next morning I floated around the house with Shadow on my mind. I was wondering if he would come back and play tonight. I anticipated it. I was moving my bed around so that it was directly across from the window when my phone started going off. Laying down on my newly positioned bed I grabbed my phone. I’d been tagged in a tweet.

AAMBC has mentioned you in a tweet.

My eyes widened, and my mouth fell open as I read the hundred and forty character tweet over and over again.

I’d been nominated for Blogger of the Year.

Joy blossomed in my belly. I thought about calling Malik, but I knew better. He never answered my calls anymore.

My husband wasn’t the only one with a booming career. A deep love of books had me start a podcast, Ayo’s Hot Reads. What began as a way to pass the time while my husband was gone, was now a full-fledged business.

I had sponsors. I had fans. I had checks coming in. And now, I had the acknowledgment of the black literary community.

Excitement tickled my stomach as I flopped back on the bed, I stared out the window at Ms. Alice’s home.

Shadow is going to have a good show tonight.


 Chapter 7


For the first time ever, I craved nightfall. Shadow was going to see how happy I was tonight.

I put my husband out of my mind and tried to focus on myself. My sanity. My career. My pleasure.

Watching the clock and the window, I worked while I waited for Shadow to surface. The latest book I was reviewing was an Anthology by Delphine Publications,  Love Letters. It was written by some of the most talented authors on Delphine.

Halfway through Dangerously In Love by T.J. Hope, I saw movement out the corner of my eye. I dropped the book.

There he was.

Standing sideways this time, his dick stuck out like a sword.

It looked big and damn that curve.

I was instantly wet. Laying back, I spread my legs. Tiptoeing fingers down my stomach to my pulsating pussy I bit my lip. I slid a single finger in and tapped my swollen bundle of nerves with my free hand. My arousal coating my fingertips. 

I slid two fingers in.

Pulling them out slowly, my body shook as I pushed them in again.

This time with a third finger.

I was feeling myself, literally. I rolled over and reached for my nightstand and pulled out my nine-inch dildo.

I was ready to give him a show.

I wanted to prove that I could please him. I wanted to prove to myself that I was still desirable. I wanted to prove that I was enough.

I opened my legs and slid the dildo halfway and slowly long stroking my hungry pussy. My body shivered. Flashes of him on top of me teased my mind as I pumped my hips, sliding the entire dildo inside of me. 

With both hands wrapped around it, I pushed pulled it all the way inside of me. Slamming it into my clit over and over again, making me damn near lose my mind. Remembering that I was giving someone a show, I clenched my walls around the thick silicone. Closing my legs around it I rolled over, tooting my ass in the air.

I was feeling bold.

Reaching back I held the dildo in place before slowly stretching my legs into a split. Letting the dildo go, I bounced. Once, twice, I twirled my hips as the dildo stroked my g-spot unrelentingly. Yeah, I was giving his ass the show of his life.

He was watching…

That thought alone had me cumming. My body shook as it slammed into me. Screams of pleasure left my parted lips as my walls squeezed the thick toy.

Yet, I needed more.

Cum coating my thighs, I reached for the nightstand again. This time I retrieving my vibrating silver bullet and quickly placed it on my clit. I turned the vibrations up to the highest setting. Several seconds later, I once again felt the deep spasms in my core.

My eyes rolled back in my head.

My body jerked uncontrollably.

My breathing stopped.

I could feel the orgasm creeping up on me when my room door open.

I locked eyes with Malik.

Chapter 8




My dick jumped.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got home. But out of the things I did expect, my wife in the middle of our bed doing the splits on a rubber dick was nowhere on the list.

Where the fuck did she learn this shit?

I felt her gaze roam over my body as I looked at her in shock. A soft whimper left her lips as she stared at my dick before cutting her eyes to the window.

I looked towards the window before our eyes locked. I felt the blood draining from my body straight into my dick, making it impossible to focus on anything other than getting inside of Ayo. Moving towards the bed, I pulled off my hoodie and shirt, tossing it aside.

Minds syncing, Ayo closed her legs and lay back while staring into my eyes. I stepped out of my shorts climbing onto the bed with a knee. Grabbing the dildo I pulled it out of her slowly, making her squirm. Cool air ran across the head of my dick as I tossed the dildo off the bed.

Grabbing her thick thighs I pulled her towards me, sliding in between her warm damp legs. The essence of her love spread down my sides as I got into position. Spreading her lips apart, I felt her warmth surrounding the head of my dick as I opened her walls.

I felt the sharp points of her nails digging into my arm as a gasp escaped her mouth.

“Fuck!” Her nails dug deeper into my forearm. “Fuck!” her body shivered. “FUCK!” she screamed, hitting me in the chest.

I stopped.

My spine was tingling, and so was the spot she’d hit me in. My dick throbbed, and her walls contracted. I grit my teeth, holding back the nut that was threatening to come before I was ready.

Who the fuck is this?

Sex with Ayo had always been good; her pussy was tight, her ass was phat, and she was fine as hell. Any man woulda wifed her. I loved the woman to death, but something was missing.


Something was always missing. It was like, sex was for me, not her. It was like she did it and was always worried about my nut and how I felt.

I loved her, and it was strange like she didn’t enjoy it. Sex was always followed by a questionnaire instead of pillow talk. Did I like it? How did her pussy feel? Was there anything she could do better?

It was like she had to prove herself to me. Like she couldn’t just be herself. She couldn’t let go and allow herself to feel. I tried everything I knew how to loosen her up. Nothing worked.

That shit got boring real quick. I really did love her, but I was a man, and I had needs. I needed to feel wanted. I needed to feel like I could make her lose her tightly held self-control. But, damn, she wasn’t having it.

Ayo’s soft hands pushed at my chest. Taking the hint, I slid out of her. Mouth hanging open, I watched in shock as she got on all fours, facing the window. Her slim fingers spread her lower lips, inviting me inside.

“Hurry, daddy.”


I didn’t think to question it as I saw her inner pinkness contract.


I pounced.

Slamming my dick inside of my wife. I gripped her hips tightly, shuddering at the sensation of her slick tight walls.

Once again, my wife shocked the hell out of me.

Lowering her chest to the bed, she arched her back. That ass was sitting up nice, her lips holding tight to my dick. Testing the waters, I slapped one cheek softly. Her soft moans piercing my mind.

I slapped it again. Harder.

Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she glanced back at me.

“More,” she cried.

Her hips began to rock as her ass jiggled. Slowly at first before picking up speed. Soon, I was kneeling behind her as still as a statue while she fucked herself with my dick. Ass bouncing, my whole dick disappearing and reappearing with each pump.

Goddamn! Where the fuck had she learned this shit?

I slipped a hand underneath her body, finding her swollen clit with ease. I flicked it once.


Three times

“I’m cumming!” she screamed. “FUCK ME DA-DAD-DY!”

My eyes were locked on my dick as I watched my wife fall apart. Her pussy squirted all over my dick and I. Lost. My. Damn. Mind!

“That’s what the fuck I’m talkin’ about!” I roared, gripping her hips tightly.

I wrapped my right hand around her hair and grabbed a handful, using it as reins. The palm of my free hand landed on her ass as I rocked my hips.

“Oh God!”

“That’s right, baby,” I grunted. “Don’t be afraid to call on the Lord.”

Pleasure skated up my spine as my eyes rolled back in my head. My wife was letting me fuck the shit out of her, and finally, she was fucking me back.

“Ooooooooo, Daddy,” she moaned, looking into my eyes. “Cum in this pussy.”

And like a whipped bitch, I did as she demanded. Slamming my hips into the soft cushion of her fat ass, streams of cum filled her pussy as I roared her name.

This was what I needed. This was what I had been dreaming of. This version of my wife was what I had been getting from these hoes in these streets.


Chapter 9



Four Months Later…


I sat in Mane Attraction, my last stop before I was ready for the Black Writer’s Weekend. I gnawed at my thumbnail as I studied the pictures of blindfolds on my screen. My fingers swiped at my phone while the heat from the dryer burned the fuck out of my ears.

The last few months have been something out of a dream. Under Shadow’s watchful eye I put on a performance with my husband almost every night he came home.

And every night he came home.

I had to get creative to stop Malik from finding out he was an unwitting participant in my Window Affair. Something that seemed to excite Malik all the more. He loved it when I danced for Shadow on his dick. He loved the way my hips rocked as I sat on his face, squeezing and sucking my breast.

He loved Shadow’s Ayo. I loved having the man I was married to and Shadow both want me. I felt more attractive and sensual than I ever had.

A good dicking down could do wonders for your self-esteem.

My phone vibrated in my hands. Swiping the notifications bar down I saw that I was tagged in an Instagram post.

I clicked.

I felt the color drain from my face, creating a chill that canceled out the heat from the drier.

Guess Who’s Pregnant! It’s Not His Wife.

I stared down at the picture of Malik and-Her- InstaModel Trinity holding hands as they blocked their faces from the camera. My mouth went dry as I read the article proving to me not only had Malik been cheating on me, but, now he was having a baby. My baby, with another woman.


Chapter 10


I’d done it. I’d nagged him back into the streets.

Attending the Black Writer’s Weekend alone was not what I had planned. But, after finding out about that fucking baby, all bets were off. I would not have been able to stand next to that man, all day around thousands of people.

Had I not been nominated for Blogger of the Year and had not bought my dress for the Red Carpet Ceremony, I probably would have skipped it.

The sting of betrayal sat heavy in my heart. The heat of the embarrassment still flooded my body days later. I hadn’t seen my husband in days. Though I told him I didn’t want to hear shit he had to say, I expected him to at least try. Try to fight for me...for us.

But, no. Like a mitch, he ran.

He probably with his baby mama.

Tears threatened to fall from my eyes, but I blinked them away. I’d spent too much time beating this face and putting on these lashes to ruin them.

Malik wanted to fuck bitches.

Well, two can play that game.

Looking at the note in my hand I took a deep breath and looked up at Ms. Alice’s door. Nerves attacked my system. I only caught glimpses of Shadow throughout the months. Only at night, during our play time. I wondered how he knew Ms. Alice.

Maybe she finally got a housesitter like I told her.

I looked at the note for the tenth time.

Why keep watching through the window,

meet me at Luxe Lounge tonight, and maybe we can sneak in a little taste.

My heels patted the pavement as I walked anxiously to Ms. Alice’s door. Stopping, I looked around. Making sure I wasn’t seen, I quickly slipped the note under the door, turned on my heels, rushed back to my car and pulled off.

Chapter 11


I pulled into the parking lot of Luxe Lounge thinking about Shadow.

Piercing eyes, sexy smile and cocoa skin that could satisfy a nagging sweet tooth. And fuck a married woman.

        “Valet parking, Ma’am?” the valet asked, breaking through my thoughts.

“Yes, thank you.”

He opened my door and helped me out. Handing him my keys, I slipped the ticket he gave me into my purse.

I was dressed to the nines with a black Versace mini skirt showing off my legs with black Louis Vuitton strappy stilettos. The black fitted lace shirt I wore flared at the bottom. I accessorized with diamonds. Diamond studded earrings and choker with a matching bracelet. My hair was bone straight with a deep side part.

Though I didn’t win, my nomination for Blogger of the Year got me certain perks. Like skipping the long line outside the club. Since the award ceremony, my social media was blowing up. I felt like I was on top of the world, even without Malik around.

I was so excited to be in the presence of some of the hottest authors, whose names I had only seen in print, and faces I had only glimpsed on the internet.

Tonight was my night, and I was going to enjoy it.

If I were lucky, Shadow would join me.

Um um um! Lawdddd!

My pussy thumped, anticipating our meeting. I felt my face heat as I thought about coming face to face with the man who had me discovering myself sexually.

Shadow made me feel things that my husband should have. But, Malik was too busy making babies with Her.

I looked up as Piper Brown was introduced to the stage looking too cute in her peach romper. I loved, loved, loved her series, Shattered Rose. After hearing her welcoming words, it was time to get lit.

 How would I know if I see him?

I rubbed my sweaty palms down my skirt as I walked in the direction of the bar. Not bothering to look at the menu, I waved the bartender over and placed my order.

I allowed my gaze to roam the club. The one thing I hadn’t thought of was how would I recognize him. He, of course, had seen me from head to toe. But, I had only caught glimpses of his shadow in the window.

“Dirty Martini, extra olives, shaken not stirred.”

Taking a sip of my Martini, I scanned the room once again.

Would I know Shadow if I saw him? Would he know me?

Standing at the far end of the bar, I caught sight of a man that could have been Shadow.

He was tall with broad shoulders, dressed in all black.

I tried to inspect him under the dim lights when he glanced up at me.

Our eyes locked.

Did he just smile?

Heart thundering in my chest, I managed a small smile as sweat trickled down my spine.

Oh, God! This was actually happening.

           “Ms, will there be anything else?” the bartender snapped me out of my distraction.

“Um, no, no thank you,” I handed him a twenty, “Keep the change.”

Pouring liquor on an empty stomach, my liquid courage didn’t take long to take effect. I watched him over the rim of my glass as I sipped my drink, every time he glanced my way I subtly touched my breast and licked my lips.

He winked. 

The tension between us was becoming unbearable. I squared my shoulders.

It’s time to man up, Ayo.

Gliding over towards him, I noticed that his attention wasn’t on me. He was entertaining someone in the seat next to him. Jealousy tried to rear its ugly head, but I squashed it.

This ain’t Malik. Shadow is just a fling.

 I slid between him and the chair bumping him seductively. I stood there waiting for him to acknowledge me. My body heated up as I felt the sexual energy radiating off of him. 

I looked down submissively as I felt him staring at the side of my neck and I shivered. I could feel his breath on my neck, and my clit throbbed. I dropped my hand to my waist and snaked it down his thigh. My slim finger wrapped around his bulge.

I heard him moan.

Damn his voice is sexy!

A glass shattered.

“ What the fuck?” the man snapped in a very feminine voice.

He turned around, and our eyes met.

“I-I’m s-s-orrr-y!”  I lowered my eyes to the floor as I bit my bottom lip in embarrassment, taking a few steps backward.

His face had just as much shock and embarrassment on it as I felt.

A camera flashed and the reality of what I was doing slammed into me.

“Oh shit!”

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Of course, there are cameras here. 

I looked around to see if anybody was paying attention, I had to get get the hell out there before someone snapped a picture.

Turning to run out of the door,  I tripped over my feet and fell flat on my face. Groaning in embarrassment, I closed my eyes to get myself together. Opening my eyes, I was face-to-face with a pair of silver heels.

“Well, well, well. If it ain’t Mrs. Bossin.”


Chapter 12


Standing up and trying to be classy about it, I scanned the room for my husband fully expecting to see him. He was the last person I needed to see here, with Her.

“Trinity!” I spat, balling my fist.

Looking down at my fist, she smiled, and her hand went swiftly to the slight bump in the front of her dress. My top lip quivered.

“I guess you heard by now,” she said, rubbing her stomach in a circular motion. My blood was bubbling. “About me and your husband’s baby.”

I bit down on my tongue, fully ready to beat that baby out of her.  Looking around to see if anyone was watching, I tried to keep my cool while the devil on my shoulder kept nagging me.

When is the next time you gon’ see her in public?

She fucked your husband?

Weren’t you suppose you have his firstborn?

“Speak,” I said through clenched teeth.

I didn’t know how, but her smile got bigger.

“I just want to make sure we have an understanding. I know that you guys are married and I don’t want nothing to mess with my baby knowing his father…”

This bitch.

“...as long as you don’t get in the way of Malik taking care of his baby, then there won’t be any need for the courts to get involved.”

As much as it ate me up inside that this bitch was pregnant with my husband’s baby, I refused to let her know. I refused to let this thot know that I was having problems in my relationship and she was the cause of them all.

“I’m sure he will,” I managed to get out. “Pending a paternity test that is. Now, if you will--”

“Paternity test!” She looked insulted. “Don’t do me, honey. I have receipts.”


“I save all of my text messages...” she informed me with a hand on her hip and one still rubbing that damn stomach.

My Blogger of the Year nomination and the Black Writer’s Weekend had me thinking of myself as a brand. I couldn’t be out here acting like my fellow basketball wives on reality television.

But the effects of the weekend were quickly wearing off. I need to get out of here. If I had to sit here acting cordial any longer, I was going to have to put my branding on hold.

“...he texts me talking about he wanted to see me, and I told him to come through--”

“Wait, what? When did you say this was?”

Pulling out her phone from her purse, she smirked as she scrolled through. I hope whatever she showed me didn’t take me over the top. Malik was going to have to bail me out of jail, and Trinity was going to be somebody’s hospital.

I’m going to knock this bitch out.

“December 3rd he sent me these. 11:13 ‘Hey baby can I slide thru?’ 11:18 ‘My wife is sleep, and I am lonely…’ 11:35 ‘I’m on my way.’ 12:02 ‘I’m outside--”

I put up my hand silencing her, smiling knowingly. “Okay. Have a good day Trinity.”

And I walked away.

Chapter 13


Bitches be lying.

That was not my husband’s baby. Pulling into my driveway, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Trinity was a hustler, I’d give her that. She saw my stupid ass husband coming from a mile away.

Unfortunately for them, they didn’t see me at all.

I was the one sending her those texts from Malik’s phone. While he was laying in bed with me, after I had fucked him to sleep, I did what any suspicious wife would do. I went through his phone.

Miss Trinity was only too happy to get those texts from my millionaire husband. I only wished I could have seen her face as she ran outside to meet him and saw an empty street.

If that bitch got pregnant on the third, fourth, or fifth, then it wasn’t a Bossin baby. Unless I got her ass pregnant through text message.

Walking into my home, I exhaled. The weight of the world was off my shoulders. My husband may have been a cheating dumbass, but at least he wasn’t having a baby on me. The infidelity I could forgive. Having a walking talking reminder of his affair in my house on a regular basis? That would be too much for me to handle.

Taking off my shoes I stumbled into the kitchen, happy to be home. I slowly made my way up the stairs. This entire weekend had been draining. I was looking forward to a hot shower and a good night sleep.

My thoughts circled around to the man I groped in Luxe. Giggling, I shook my head. I could not believe I tried to give him a handjob! What the fuck had I been thinking?

I’m taking that shit with me to my grave.

Stopping at the open doorway to my bedroom, I paused. Heat engulfed my body, radiating; pulsing. My nipples beaded, brushing against the fabric of my shirt. My thighs trembled as my pussy moistened.

My eyes zeroed in on my husband. In our bed. Stroking his long dick.

Is he giving Shadow a show?

A small laugh escaped my lips and my eyes locked with his.

“Malik?” I moaned.

I was still pissed at his dumb ass for getting caught up in a paternity scheme. But…the thought of Shadow watching us again had lust overriding anger. Removing my clothes, I climbed on the bed and blindfolded my husband with my bra.

Tomorrow, I’d think about if and when I’d break the news that he wouldn’t be a father. For now, it was time to give Shadow a show.

Chapter 14


Malik cuffed my ass as he kissed me goodbye. Even though it was the off season, he still had obligations with the team. This one was taking him to L.A. to do some voiceovers for a new video game.

“Bye baby,” I whispered against his lips. “You be good.”

 He gazed into my eyes with a look I hadn’t seen in a long time.

“I’m gonna be better,” he said with a wink.

I watched as the limo drove off with a smile on my face. I was kind of happy to see him go. I could finally get some work done without being interrupted by his dick.

The AAMBC’s Black Writer’s Weekend had opened up many opportunities for me. Not only was my vlog popping but I had speaking engagements booked, and I was offered a publishing contract. My lifelong dream of becoming an author was coming true.

“Hello, Ayo!” Ms. Alice called from her door as I was walking in.

“Oh hey, Ms. Alice. Are you just getting back?”

“Yes, got in last night. I’m about to have some tea, would you care to join me?”

I fidgeted for a moment. I didn’t care to run into Shadow. I liked things the way they were now. Shadow in person was only going to complicate everything. Not to mention the embarrassment. The man had watched me get fucked every which way, and now I was supposed to sit down to have tea with him?

I’ll pass.

 But, I knew Ms. Alice just wanted the company, so I accepted.

I locked up my home and headed next door with a nervous stomach.

When I walked in the door, Ms. Alice was already pouring tea. I took a seat as I looked around for the presence of another person.

“I’m so glad I caught you,” she said. ”Before we sit down and I tell you all about my trip. I need you to do something for me, yeah?”

“Sure,” I smiled. “It’s no problem at all, Ms. Alice.”

“Oh, you’re sweet. I appreciate you,” she stood and so did I. “I need you to set this light on this timer for me...”

I followed Ms. Alice upstairs. With each step, I took up the creaking stairs my heart thumped harder. By the time we reached the top of the stairs my mouth was dry. Trying to swallow the lump forming in my throat I glanced inconspicuously over at each door we passed.

What if he came out of one of the doors?

“I need help with this new timer that I bought.” Ms. Alice said stopping at a door.

“That’s fine,” I muttered, distracted as anxiety flooded my body.

 She opened the door to a huge room that was directly across from my bedroom.

“I got it a while ago and but didn’t know how to set the dang thing up,” she said shaking her head. “I remember putting it in here, but this room is so full of mess I don’t like going in there...my husbands things mostly. I’m going to clean this room up one day” Ms. Alice flipped the light and I fully expected to see Shadow.

The thought that Ms. Alice asked me for help because Shadow was out gave me pause as I stared into the messy room. I looked around at the room that was clearly used for storage confused.

“I think it’s over by the window, on top of a box of photos,” she informed me pointing to a stack of boxes across the room.

“Where’s your house sitter?” I questioned as I slowly surveyed the room.

Nobody was living in here.

“Chile no, I ain’t paying nobody to watch my house,” she giggled. “Never needed it before, don’t think I’m gone need it now.”

I laughed to be polite as I ventured into the room.

“I’ll go get the batteries, you gon’ need them,” Ms. Alice’s voice trailed off as she walked away.

I slowly made my way to the window where jackets sat on a coat rack. Stepping around it, I looked out, straight into my room.

Who was in Ms. Alice’s house?

As I stared out the window, I wondered whether or not to mention I’d seen someone in her house while she was gone. But I didn’t want to scare her. Seeing the timer sitting on top of a stack of boxes sitting next to the window I turned to grab it, bumping into the coat rack.

I reached for the coat, stopping it from falling. Then a thought hit me.


I thought about how I could only see him at night, the illumination of the hall light giving away his presence.

“This couldn’t be,” I whispered, running my hands over the aged fabric.

As I repeatedly glanced back and forth between the window and the old coat I ran my fingers over, reality started to sink in.

Shadow was really just a shadow.

Was it all my imagination?

Shit, I was a writer, and I have always had an active imagination.

But was I that lonely and sexually frustrated that I made an image perform such lude acts in my mind? Were my overactive mind and undersexed body playing tricks on me?

“Un-fucking-believable!” I whispered.

Oh! My! God! I’ve been seducing a damn coat!



One year later


Back to back pain cause me to crumble to the floor. I laid there like a limp noodle as the pain subsided. It took a couple minutes but I was able to pull myself up by the sink. Standing on shaky legs, I peered over to my cell phone on the bed that looked miles away.

Just breathe Ayo, just breathe.

Taking one weaken step at a time with any assistance I could reach, I made it out the door with a glimmer of hope that I could close the gap between me and the outside world for some help. I felt the familiar tension settling in my lower back that slowly started to spread around to the front of my stomach. The bands of tightening escalated, then a sharp pain shot through my belly that brought me to my knees.

“Aaghhh! I screamed, my head started spinning.

Blurred vision clouded my eyes, blinking twice I launched for my phone knocking it off the bed close enough for me to grab it.

“Please Malik, please pick up! Pick up, pick up, pick up!” I begged as I listen my husband of three years phone rang.

“Shit!” The voicemail picked up,

“Malik, Malik! I’m in labor! I need you Baby!”


Even though years back we were off to a rocky start, the stormy seas of our marriage settled into calming waters and we decided to start a family. I was in my last trimester of my pregnancy and was due any day now, I guess today was the day Malik Antonio Bossin Jr. decided to make his presence in the world.

“911 Emergency.”

“Yes, yes, I’m in labor, and I-I’m alone, I n-n-need you to send some help!”

“Yes mam,” just calm down, we’re going send someone to you right now. Do you know how far the contractions are?”

I squeezed my eyes shut trying to breath like I was taught but talk at the same time,

“I’m not sure how to do that, I can’t really think right now.”

“Ok Mam, I’m gonna stay on the phone with you until they make it there, let me know when you feel the pain. Come on breath with me and stay calm.”

“Ok, Ok, Just please hurry.

The next time a pain shot through me, she helped me breath through it and timed it. My contractions were still five minutes apart,

“You’re doing great, you are still not considered in active labor, you have plenty of time. Have your water broken?

“Umm, no! Not yet!”

“ That’s even better, I’m sending someone right away, ETA…..ummm!”

I heard whispering but couldn’t make it out,

“Mam’ I need to put you on hold for one second.”

“No, no, no, Don’t leave me please, I’m so scare!” I cried.

“Don’t be scare, I’m not leaving you I just want to tell you exactly what time they will be there, Is there any way you can go open the door?”

“Y-Yeah, I can do that?” I started to lift myself from the floor.

“Ok do that I will be right back, just stay clam.”

After I propelled myself up I took small baby steps to the door.

“I can’t tell this woman it going to be 30 minutes, she scared enough. Well is it another direction  they can go to get around the traffic jam?”

“30 MINUTES!” I yelled.

“OH shit I thought I put her mute! Mam’ Mam’ Don’t worry you have plenty of time!”

“Well if I have plenty of time I’ll take my damn self!” I barked as another pain ripped threw me.

I grabbed my overnight bag and my keys off the counter. Waddling out to the garage I lifted the door. I settled into the car as I let another contraction subside, calling Malik tears fell from my eyes. He rushed out this morning for some emergency meeting, the last time I heard from him was when he called to check on me before he went into the meeting. I left another message and proceeded to drive the ten minutes to the hospital. Traffic was hectic but not as hectic as it was on the freeway.

I was coming up on another contraction but without even timing it I could tell that they were getting closer. I was so relieved to see the emergency sign ahead. As I turned into the lot, I stall traffic as I let another contraction take its usual journey, tormenting my aching body. Wiping the sweat from my face and neck, I coached myself to stay focused.

“We almost there, just stay focus.” Spots formed before my eyes, I was feeling a little light headed but I had came too far to give up. I kept picturing the beautiful face of my son looking just like his Daddy as I slid abruptly to the door. My body jerked as my foot stabbed the gas pedal.

I called Malik one more time and left a message because I needed the last of my strength to get out of the car and walk through the door.

Damn league! They probably had everyone turn their phone off cause lord knows what they have to say is the only thing that matters!

I finally shimmy myself out of the seat of my car as I felt the familiar tension but it was coming up so fast I wasn’t able to brace myself, the pain cause me to double over. I looking around and to my surprise it wasn’t a person close enough to notice I needed help.


Moving as quickly as could before the next contraction, I left my car running and the door open making it around the car. I attempted a slow, pitiful wobble dash for the sliding door.

“Helllllping Please, I need help!”

Shook by another contractions, I was exhausted. All I could do is cry when finally an urgency was brought upon my situation that had nurses and interns quickly tending to me. A nurse stood on each side of me supporting me to stand, while a third ran to get a wheel chair. They were asking so many questions I did my best to answer them all,

“Ummm I think 2 minutes apart.

“No, my water haven’t broke.

“Ayo Bossin.”

The sound of double doors slamming shut brought my attention to the hall. Malik slowly walked adjusting his birthing scrubs.

“MALLLIKKK!” I cried a sign of relief.

He snapped his head in my direction in shock, he ran over to me,

“Baby! Are you alright!” Malik creased with worry.

“I am now! Where have you been Baby, You wouldn’t believe all I been through? I been blowing up your phone for three hours.”

He glanced down at his phone, his voice mail was full and he had tons of text.

“I-I t-told you I had that emergency meeting with the league this morning.” He glanced at the nurses.

“I’m glad you finally got my message, I thought I was going to have to deliver our first child alone.”

“Naw, never that Bae, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” His eyes threaten tears.


“Mam’ we need you to labor and delivery, like yesterday.”

“Yes please! As you can see, my husband is already suited and booted.” I cracked a small joke through the pain as I touched his labor/delivery scrubs.

The nurses looked back and forth between me and Malik, I looked back between Malik and the nurse.

What da hell……?


“Nurse, Nurse! We need that wheelchair immediately!”

Coming out the swinging doors, the doctor walked in our direction, more focused on Malik then me.

Malik colored drained from his face, my baby must be so scared.

“Don’t worry Sweetie, everything is going to fine.” I assured Malik as well as myself.

“I’m sorry Dr. he’s a little nervous, this is both our first preg……”

“Mr. Bossin, Sorry about the scared, but we just wanted to make sure we were taking every necessary precaution to assure the health of your child, she is doing great, just needed a little oxygen. She is in an adjoining room with her mother as per requested by you, your welcome to go visit your daughter whenever you’re ready.


My water broke.