Chucky was never into drugs, the rule of the game was, “Never become your own best customer.” Sly started lacing his weed with coke. Sly convinced Chucky there was nothing wrong with a little coke, he told him only weak-minded people got strung out. Chucky kind of dug the high, and the sex between him and Chrissy would get crazy. Sly had decided the only way to destroy Chucky was to get him out of his element. Chrissy never stayed at the club late, she would come to the club to open, get the books together, and leave at about ten o’clock. Chucky and Sly worked the club, got high off his laced weed, and drank into the wee hours of the morning. Some of the dancers would stick around and party, but even high, Chucky stumbled home and got in the bed with Chrissy.

Chrissy disliked the man Chucky was becoming since he been hanging with his brother. He came home one night drunk as a skunk. He got in the bed with an already hard dick and roughly tried to enter Chrissy while she slept. Chrissy stirred in her sleep and told him no. Chucky wasn’t taking no for an answer. He slurred in her ear, “You can’t tell me no, this is my pussy.”

“Chucky, you’re drunk and it’s six o’clock in the morning, now stop!” she snapped. Chucky laid on top of her and tried to pry her legs apart. He grabbed her by her hair to keep her still. “Let go of me!” Chrissy spat.

Chucky, in his zone, continued to treat Chrissy aggressively. Chrissy punched him in his face as hard as she could. He rolled over, holding his face. “What da fuck is your problem?”

 Chrissy jumped out the bed and turned on the light. That’s when she noticed the glassiness in his eyes. “Chucky, what else have you been doing besides smoking weed and drinking?” she asked as she stood with her arms crossed. Chucky tried to reach for her, but grabbed the bottom of her nightgown. She stomped away, ripping her gown from her body. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door. Chucky jumped up to chase her and started banging on the door. “Bring my pussy out here right now, before I break down this muthafuckin’ door!” Chucky slurred in anger. Chrissy shook her head as her eyes watered. She splashed cold water on her face as she looked in the mirror. She heard her sister’s voice. “You can’t handle your man this way; if he want some pussy, you give it to him. I don’t care what time it is,” Beany said.

Chucky continued to assault the door. “I want some pussy now!” He started kicking the door as Chrissy continued to talk to Beany.

“I don’t give a fuck, this nigga got me twisted. I don’t like the person he is becoming. He hanging out all night, and you can’t tell me you can’t see his ass is high as fuck!” Chrissy spat.

“Are you just now figuring out he been getting high? You see how hard that big dick of his been?” Beany shook her head. “Sometimes you can be so lame. Look, you go to sleep; I’ll handle this, shittt… I like him like this!” Beany licked her lips as her pussy pulsated. Chrissy gave in and let Beany take over. Beany washed away Chrissy tears and sprayed on a little perfume. Standing in her nakedness, she slipped on some heels and left the bathroom.

When Beany opened the door, Chucky walked over, snatched her by her neck and threw her on the bed. He crawled on top of her, but Beany resisted by slapping the shit out of him. Chucky looked at her with bloodshot eyes, grabbed her arms, and pinned them over her head. He kissed and licked her lips. Beany grabbed his lips with her teeth and bit down slightly, just enough to cause him pain. She squirmed under his weight as he sucked her neck. He devoured her nipples with his teeth and a moan escaped her lips. He let go of her hands as they wrestled, yanked her legs open and slid his tongue all over her wetness. Beany whimpered as he grabbed her pearl with his teeth. She screamed and leaked juices on the sheets when he roughly twisted her nipples. He threw her legs over his shoulders and shoved his hardness into her flower. Beany surrendered to his will as he growled, pounded, and stroked her. He flipped her on her stomach, pulled her ass high in the air, stood up on the bed, and entered her like a bull. He grabbed her long mane and galloped inside of her until she orgasmed three times. Feeling the tightening of her walls, he started to shiver. He felt the vibration rise in his nuts and move to the head of his dick.

 The sloppiness of her pussy drove him to a bellowing orgasm, “Aghhh! Shitttzzz!” He collapsed on his back, with his dick sticking in the air. Beany took him in her mouth and went to work. Chucky lost control and screamed, as his toes curled and his body jerked. He grabbed her head and pumped her mouth until he came, and Beany swallowed every drop. Beany went to the bathroom, got a warm towel and cleaned his dick. Chucky loved the feel of the warm towel; he felt sleep take him over as he said, “I love you, bae, I never want to be without you!”

 Beany placed a soft kiss on his dick and said, “Now take your bitch ass to sleep!” as she smiled thinking, now that’s how you handle that nigga!