​​​Chucky dove in to the game head first, he was determined to build an empire. He opened up trap houses all on the west side of Detroit. He recruited trap niggas that been in the game, but never quite got the game on lock, to join him to run the city. Fronting them the capitol and product, they were indebted to him. Chucky continued to supply Battle’s clientele and build his own. Chucky and Battle build a great working relationship as well as a friendship, they connected on so many levels. He was very pleased with Chucky’s performance. Chucky adorned his life with his riches, buying expensive cars, clothes, jewelry and bitches but he still crushed on Chrissy. He wondered, now that he has come up in the game and was that boss nigga, would she take him seriously. He promised himself he would find out.

      He hadn’t seen Chrissy in a while and decided to stop by to kick it with her. He called her from the car and said, “Let me in, Girl!” Chrissy opened the door as Chucky was getting out of his Gold-colored Escalade with gold and chrome rims and dark tinted windows. Chucky stepped out Prada from head-to-toe, when he saw Chrissy watching him he started prison posing acting silly. Chrissy stood in the door unbothered and said, “Boy this ain’t no fashion show! Get yo big ass head in the house!” She laughed as she walked away, shaking her head. Chucky stepped up in the cut still playing “Big Man!” Chrissy was in the kitchen getting her popcorn out of the microwave. He watched her reach up in the cabinet for a bowl and licked his lips. Chrissy had on some booty shorts, short tank top with her hair hanging down to her butt. Chucky relished in her beauty. He walked closely behind her, reached up and retrieved the bowl and said, “Here you go Shawty!” Chrissy turned to take the bowl. Only reaching his chest, she inhaled in his scent. Looking up at him their eyes met and their stare lingered a little too long for Chrissy. The butterflies she got in her stomach when she was younger when he would stand by her bedroom door and gaze at her, returned. Chrissy punched him in the stomach and said, “Move Boy!”

     “I got your Boy!” Chucky smiled. “Imma grown ass man” standing in a “My nuts hang down to the floor” stance. Chrissy rolled her eyes and walked out the kitchen. She went and sat on the couch with her legs curled up under her, Chucky took a seat across from her on the love seat. Getting comfortable he gazed at Chrissy, getting into his own thoughts of how he could make her look at him differently. Chrissy broke the silence, “So what you been up too, I see you shining.” Chucky blushed and rubbed his hand down his face trying to hide it, “Nuthan much just putting in work. I just stopped by to see what you are up too. You been a’ight?”

      “Yea, I been keeping busy.” Chrissy said nonchalantly.

      “Oh you been under some dude, Huh!” He said hoping it wasn’t so.

     Chrissy blew out air in frustration and sat the popcorn on the table, “Naw! I ain’t been busy with some dude. When you gonna stop being so over protective?”

     Chucky relaxed, “When you stop dealing with these bustas and deal with a real nigga!”

     Chrissy rolled her eyes and stood up to go back to the kitchen, as she passed him she popped him in the head, “Well when you find one send him my way.” Chucky grabbed Chrissy by her wrist and pulled her back, she stubble onto his lap. He gazed in Chrissy’s eyes, she stared at him like she was daring him to make a move. She inhaled his scent again and felt his manhood vibrate. It kinda aroused her but she was thinking, “Nahhhhh this can’t be happening.” Chucky let her wrist go and held her around her waist, he looked at her and licked his lips as though he was daring her also. Chrissy’s eyes caressed his smooth skin and sexy lips. She always thought Chucky was attractive, but he was like her brother. She never considered him as a love interest, they grew up together. Her skin got hot and her thoughts got a little scrabbled. Realizing that she hadn’t moved, she got nervous. Chucky continued to hold his stare, gave her the “LL Cool J lip lick and side smirk. Chrissy gathered herself together, pushed herself up, and walked into the kitchen. “You want something to drink?” She asked. Chucky could never figure Chrissy out. She could switch up on you in a blink of an eye. She could go from sex kitten, to sweetheart to cold in 2.2 seconds. Chucky cleared his throat, “Yea! A shot of whatever you got!  His palms had started sweating so he rubbed his hands down his pant leg. Chrissy came back with a shot glass and a bottle of Ciroc, she decided on a Cooler for her choice of drink, sat back on the couch and picked up her popcorn. Chucky’s phone rang, “What’sup Ma?”

      “You! When am I gonna see you, Daddy? I miss you.” Chrissy could hear the female cooing on the phone.

      “Right now, but give me about 30 minutes.” Chucky smiled thinking about the loving Vanity was about to put on him.

      “I’ll be waiting!”  She cooed. Chucky hung up and threw back his shot. Looking over at Chrissy, he noticed she looked pissed, ignoring her attitude her walked over, kissed her on the forehead and said, “I’m out!”

      “Tell your little T.H.O.T, I said Wha’ up!” Chrissy said sarcastically. Chucky threw up the deuces and walked out the house.

     Chrissy was shocked that she felt a tinge of jealousy. She was enjoying the cat and mouse game they played. Him leaving her to go have sex with a random didn’t sit right with her, she felt confused about what she was feeling.

      Chucky didn’t come around for a couple more weeks, it never bothered her before but now it did. Chrissy wanted to see Chucky, so she decided to pay him a visit at the club. She walked in the club with her Dolce Cabbana mini swing dress with Louboutin strappy four inch heels. She was adorned with the matching diamond necklace, bracelet and earrings set he bought her for her birthday. Her hair was pinned up on the top of her head and hung in long spiral curls down her back. She spotted Chucky in his VIP getting a lap dance from a Beyonce look alike. She was gorgeous. Chrissy boiled in the inside but she kept it neat. She walked pass security, sat down next to Chucky and took a sip of his drink. Caught up in the stripper he didn’t notice her sitting there. Chrissy watched the stripper ride his dick and Chucky loving every minute of it. He grabbed her hips and met her ride. Chrissy couldn’t take it anymore, she stood up, grabbed the bottle of Ciroc on the table and poured it on him. Coming out of his daze, he looked up and said, “What da fuc…..” Chrissy said very calmly, “Obviously you need to be cooled off!” She said as she walked out of the VIP and out of the club. Confused about what just happened, he jumped up knocking Vanity off his lap and went after Chrissy.


     Chrissy made it home. She was pissed, she felt as though she played herself. She was confused to why she was mad. She knew it was her fault that Chucky didn’t know about her new-found interest in him, but she didn’t care. He still was supposed to acknowledge her no matter what. She kicked off her shoes and let her hair down when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and Chucky stepped in and closed the door, still soak and wet. They stared at each other both lost for words, but her inner freak kicked in and a voice said, “Now is as good as any!” She grabbed Chucky by the waist of his pants and pulled him to her bed room. She removed his soaked clothes. Chucky stood there and let her have her way. Tugging at his pants they fell to the floor while she removed his wet shirt. His body was chiseled like a God. Pushing him back on the bed she removed his shoes, sock and pants as he laid there naked. She lifted her dress and crawled on top of him and started licking the stickiness from his body. Chucky was enjoying the attention she was giving him, he removed her dress and caressed every inch of her. He had imagined this night since she was 17 years old.  He flipped her over on her back and devoured every inch of her. Chrissy guided his head to her flower, he slid his tongue all over her pussy and softly grabbed her button with his soft lips. Chrissy released a water fall all over his tongue, tears welled up in her eyes and she had to have him inside of her. She rolled him over and slid down on his dick and closed her pussy muscle around his rod. Chucky sucked his breath, at that moment he wasn’t sure how long he would last if this ride got any better than this. Chrissy started a nice little ride, sliding up to the tip and gliding back down his shaft. Every time she slid down, she closed her walls around him but every time she slid back up she released. Chucky felt like her pussy was sucking his dick, he couldn’t control his thoughts. She swirled her hips in a ‘S’ motion, Chucky’s lips formed an O and his breathing got shallow. She played on his manhood with a rhythmic bounce. Their skin slapped together, the sucking sound coming from her flower and her juices running down his nuts drove Chunky crazy. He lifted her up with his strong arms and placed her on her knees, forcing her face down on the bed. He brought her ass in the air arching her back and he went to work. Chrissy was known to put a spell on niggas with that bomb ass pussy between her legs but he wasn’t going to be her victim. He placed his hands on the arch of her back lifted himself in position and gave her a lashing. Chrissy never had anyone take control, she mostly turned them into little bitches so this was new to her. Chucky demanded her submission and she had no choice but to succumb. But Chrissy couldn’t just accept his dominances, she threw that ass back on him. Chucky quivered, shook, howled and cussed trying to maintain his nut. Chrissy whined, cried and begged for more. When he stuck his hand between her legs and played with her clit, Chrissy lost it and surrendered. She orgasmed so hard, cum dripped all over his dick, fingers, her thighs and soaked the bed. A couple strokes later Chucky was right behind her. Her extra wetness allowed him a nice smooth glide, and the tight clench she had on his dick caused him to vibrated and made his nuts tighten. Feeling the explosion building, Chucky squeezed his eyes so tight tears rolled down his face. Tightening his ass as sweat dripped down his back, “FUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” was all he could get out. Both panting, they curled into each other, still quivering from their orgasm, Chucky said, “I love you.” He kissed Chrissy on her eyes, lips and nose. Chrissy snuggled closer, grabbed his dick and held onto it as they drifted off to sleep.

Behind Every Boss There's A Bae