S-N-A-T-C-H! That’s all I can recall after I answered the door. This huge guy grabbed me by my neck and punched me in my face so hard it felt as though his whole fist sunk into my eye and he had to forcibly pull it out. Instantly, my eye swelled shut. I only had use of my other eye which didn’t last long because as he threw me into the car, he purposely slammed my face into the door before opening it. I felt my forehead open up as blood gushed into the functioning eye. I screamed, “WHO ARE YOU?” WHAT DID I DO?” Surely, he had the wrong person because I’ve never seen this guy a day in my life.

     I was shoved into the backseat of an unidentified car next to another guy that was just as big as the gentleman that grabbed me. Together, they used me as a punching bag. Confused and dazed, I continued shouting, “YOU GOT THE WRONG GUY!”  They needed to understand that I shouldn’t be on this “Hell Ride” through town. The second man elbowed me in the mouth. As my lip exploded, I felt two of my teeth slide down my throat. I was ordered to ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!” And the point was made that it would be in my best interest not speak again.  Things quieted down for the rest of the ride to where ever we were going. I tried to blink the blood out of my good eye so I could at least see where they were taking me. I was afraid to use my hands to wipe the blood from my eyes. I felt that any small movement would cause another beat down. I finally blinked enough so that I could make out the inside of the car. That’s when I saw him. It was one of the boys that I brought over to the house when I was scheming to get close to two little girls named; Tammy and Sammy. The mere sight of him sent chills down my spine. I began feverishly praying for forgiveness of all my sins.  Before I could retrace my steps and identify how much information they knew, the car stopped abruptly.  I was grabbed out of the car and pinned between the two huge men who beat me down earlier.

     Through tears, I pleaded my case and begged for answers, persistently asking, “What have I done wrong? You got the wrong guy!” With a tremor in my voice I asked, “Are you going to kill me?” Horrified, I realized I was going in front of a lynch mob. The whole street was flooded with angry mothers, fathers, uncles, and aunts who were waiting my arrival. I was tossed in the middle of street like a greasy rag and fell on my arm.  I heard it crack, and before an agonizing cry could escape my blood crusted lips the lynch mob proceeded to kick and stump the living shit out of me. Somehow, I crawled up on my knees and got in a praying position and began to pray. Hoping this would distract them from doing any more harm, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do!” I heard a familiar women’s voice shout, “DON’T PRAY FOR US MUTHAFUCKA, YOU NEED TO PRAY FOR YOURSELF!” That’s when I felt a blow to the back of my head that caused me to fall back to the ground. Spinning in and out of consciousness, which wasn’t a bad idea at the time, I heard the police sirens in the distance. The combination of knowing that help was on the way and the swift booted kicked to my head made my life flash before my eyes.  Being a praying man I got as far as, “Forgive me Father”………………and I passed out!