Battle went in and out of consciousness as they sped toward the dock. He opened his eyes slowly. “I must of hit my head pretty hard, or I died and went to heaven. I could have swore I heard Chucky’s voice!” Battle joked.

Chucky kneel down to his father, “Naw Pops! You ain’t in heaven, I’m here. “Chucky said as he grabbed his hand.

Shocked that it was really Chucky a tear slid down his cheeks. He had a hard time getting his words together, his head felt like an elephant was sitting on it. He felt his stomach come up through his throat and vomit sprewed from his lips. “Turn him over on his side!” Amina yelled. “He going into a seizure!” Turning him over on his side so he wouldn’t choke on his own vomit, his body started to jerk. Amina sprung into action. “I need something to stick in his mouth!” as she looked around she found a stick and shoved it in his mouth. “Hold him still so he won’t hurt himself!”

In a matter of seconds his body relaxed and he lost consciousness. Chucky started slapping him and shaking his body, “COM’ON POPS, HANG IN THERE!” Chucky panicked.

Ambulance was stationed at the dock when Battle’s crew arrived, they rushed Battle off the boat and into the EMS. Chucky jumped in to hold his father’s hand as the others tried to see inside. “Hold on Pops, please don’t leave me now!”

Battle eyes rolled around in his head as he tried to focus on his son. His lips moved, he was struggling to talk. Chucky leaned down to try to make out what he was saying. “P-Promise meee you will kill Hitman!” Battle struggled out the words. Chucky listened intensely.

“Kill Hitman? Why?” Chucky said with surprise in his voice.

“Ki-kil-kill that nigga….Slyyyy!” Battle started coughing.

“You want me to kill Sly and Hitman? WHAT?” Chucky was trying to stay calm.

“He-he killed Sly!” Battle getting agitated.     

​​“Hitman killed Sly? My brother is dead?” Chucky finally understood. “Why?” Battle slipped back into the darkness. “Pops! Pops!” The EMT moved Chucky to the side of the cab as they worked on him as quickly as possible. His pause was almost non-existent but he had one and that was good enough. They ripped at his clothes, taking off his bullet proof vest. They were thankful there wasn’t a gunshot wound so they busied themselves with evaluating the lump on his head. He wasn’t responding to the medicine from the I.V. The machine stopped beeping and flatlined. They shocked him twice and waited for a response when they didn’t get one they shocked him again. Chucky stared in shock at Battle’s last words. The EMT panicked because Battle wasn’t responding. “Sir! Sir! We have to be on our way! Are you in or out? Chucky looked down at his father lifeless body. He opened the back door and jumped down. His head was down and tears ran down his face. Beast lowered his head in guilt as the EMT worked on his shoulder. The bullet had passed through his shoulder but he was fine. Chrissy ran to Chucky and held him in her arms as he cried a grudging cry. He couldn’t believe that he had loss his Father after just finding him and spent all that time in a coma. Chrissy notice the lights coming quickly toward the dock. “Chucky! Chucky! Baby we got company!

 Chucky watched the back lights of the EMS as the cab sped off! Snapping out of his daze Chucky ordered Chrissy toward the Hummer truck that awaited them as she grabbed Amina. They hopped in the back while Beast jumped in the driver seat. “Bird, Nick and Click! Get back home safe!” Chucky said as he walked toward his army, “Kill em’! Kill em’ all! And with that Chucky got in the truck and Beast sped off.