Battle and Bird got off the phone. His heart was broken into a million pieces. He asked his deceased wife, Moe for her forgiveness,  he said he was sorry over and over again. His chest tighten, it became harder to take full breaths. His emotion was all over the place, he felt hurt, anger, guilt and retaliation. Under any other circumstance he would have never entertain violating Chrissy, but Chucky’s wife or not, all bets were off the day she harmed his son. “Fuck Chucky, Ro, Money, Kelso and whoever else, cause they can all get it!”


      Chrissy walked in the house talking to Ro on her cell phone, “Yea Ma, your baby is fine. I took real care of him when I went to visit him today.” Chrissy giggled as she slid off her shoes. “I love you too and tell Le-lo I said, WHA’ UP NIGGA!” She teased. They hung up the phone. Chrissy felt better then she has in a long time. She poured her a drink and headed up stairs. She turned on her ipod and started stripping out of her clothes. She stood in a front of her full view mirror and admire her body. She thought about her escapade with Chucky and became warm between her legs. She rubbed her pearl and played in her wetness, she moaned as she enjoyed the feeling of her own fingers. She felt her legs weaken as she brought herself to an quick orgasm. She licked her fingers as she walked into the bathroom, set the temperature of the water and stepped in. She hummed to the music but stopped and strained her ears when she thought she heard a noise, “Why every time you get in the shower you heard noise!” She giggled to herself. But she started to feel like she wasn’t alone. She turned the shower off and looked around. Thinking she was tripping she started to lotion down. An intruder watched Chrissy from the corner, his intention was to dead her nice and quick but when she got naked he decided to enjoy the view.  The intruder watched her as he licked his lips, he knew he should make this short and sweet but he was still a man and appreciated the fine specimen she was. Chrissy decided to fix her something to eat, she grabbed her robe as she headed out the room. She stopped in her tracks, was her nose deceiving her? She could of swore she smell a familiar smell of the cigar Sly use to smoke. She shook it off thinking that she had to have imagined it but as she got closer to the door, the odor got stronger. She back up to her bed and grabbed her .45 from under the mattress. She ease back to the door, counted to three, took a breath and stepped from around the corner. POW!

      She stepped  back just in time before a bullet from 9mm blew a hole in the wall. She flipped across the bed and rolled to the floor as bullets riddled the wall. She quickly kneed behind the bed in shooting position and popped off a shot. She could see a shadow bouncing off the opposite wall, “Whoever has the nerve to violate, you better be warn that I am armed and I know how to pop this bitch off!” Chrissy yelled. Her palms were sweaty and her heart was beating a mile a minute but she took deep breath to calm her nerves. She be damn if someone get the best of her in her own shit. She saw someone take a peek around the corner and she popped a couple of rounds off. She eased back up to the door because the next time they took a peek she was going to blow their fucking brains out. She pressed her back to the wall and waited. The intruder could see Chrissy in the mirror and knew she was against the wall. He swung around the corner and he and Chrissy met eye to eye in a standoff. “BATTLE? WHAT DA FUCK!” Chrissy said in shock.

Battle held his gun with a steady hand, sweat was glisten on his skin. He wipe the sweat and tears from his eyes, his demeanor was calm but crazed. She watched him as he took his time puffing his cigar, blowing out the smoke. “You killed my son and I wanna know why?” Battle asked.

      Chrissy couldn’t believe her ears, it took her a couple of seconds to wrap her mind around what Battle was saying. Her silence caused Battle to react.  His cool, calm exterior changed. “YOU KILLED MY SON!”  Battle said as he shifted his feet.

“Battle! Sly is not dead!” Chrissy said getting in a more comfortable stance. Battle and Chrissy stared at each other, neither blinking or backing down. He wasn’t sure what he saw but Chrissy demeanor change, her eyes flickered from hazel to coal black, emotion left her eyes, her features harden and her voice was more gangster, “But his daddy is gonna be if he don’t get that mutha fuckin’ gun out my face! Respect my shit Nigga!” Battle backed up and holstered his gun. Cola lower hers as well. “Now! What da fuck is going on around here?” She barked. He started down the stairs and she followed.



Run that info one mo’ gain



     Battle sat down in the huge living room, he patted the seat next to him but she opted to sit across from him. He watched her as she crossed her legs and sat with her back straight. He shook his head and smirked, thinking, this broad is a trip. “I didn’t killed that punk!” Cola calmed herself and said,  “I didn’t kill Sly. The last I saw him he was a little bruised up from the explosion but he was alive and kicking!” She said.

Battle realized Chrissy didn’t know about the explosion or either she was faking it. “He was fine, until I took him back to get his car and when he started it up, it exploded.” Battle told her with his head hanging down.

“WHAT?” Chrissy eyes bucked. “An explosion, when did this happen?”

“The day he got out of the hospital.” Are you saying you weren’t a part of that?” Battle calmly said.

“Hell no! I wasn’t a part of that, I didn’t even know!” Chrissy argued. Then it hit her, “FUCKIN HITMAN! I knew he was going to play Sly but I didn’t think her was going to have the nerve to kill him. He knew you would be after him for the rest of his life if he touch a hair on his head!” She said.

“Wait a minute, now I’m confused. What does Hitman got to do with Sly? Battle said as he notice the glow in Chrissy. Her eyes were softer and you could hear the sympathy in her voice.

“Hitman and Sly had plans to get Chucky out the way and run the city together, but Sly didn’t know he got in bed with the devil, Hitman had no intention of running shit with Sly. He used him to get rid of Chucky then he was going to stream roll all over his ass. That’s why I set him up and blew up his crew because we didn’t have the army to fight him, so I just got rid of all their asses 1-2-3- BOOM! Chrissy said as she used her hands to demonstrate an explosion.

      Battle thought about everything Chrissy said, but he also thought about what Sly had told him just before he died. Battle knew his son, and some of what Chrissy was saying was not that far fetch, “Ok! Hold on, start from the beginning and tell me what happen and don’t leave out shit! Your fucking life depends on it!” Battle said as he lean back as to say, “I got all day!”

“Nigga gon’ with that! My guns bust too!” She said as they return to their stare down.

     Chrissy head was spinning from the information she just heard. She had no idea that Sly was killed, with Battle staring at her with killer eyes she just decided to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. At this point, what didn’t she have to lose. She looked Battle in his eyes and never even blinked and told Battle everything, everything from the first night he introduce them at the club.

“ I never cared for Sly from the first night I met him, he disrespected Chucky right in his face. I tried to talk to Chucky about Sly thousands of times but he would blow up defending Sly and it caused a big strain in our marriage.” Chrissy looked away sadly.

     She told him how Sly started talking shit about Chucky to his crew, seeing who he could turn against him. She told him about Sly drugging Chucky, setting up his crew and getting Stix killed. She told him about all his secret meetings with Hitman, how she used Sly’s disloyalty to set up Hitman and his crew.

 “ I can see a man like Sly coming a mile away. The kind that lived  privileged but was infatuated with the hood base off of gangster rap and T.V. but he wasn’t about that life. He was intrigued by a sexy gangster bitch like me, so it was easy to wrap his dick around my pussy hairs without even fucking him!” Beany said in a seductive feisty tone. Battle readjusted himself in his pants, he felt a little tingle in his nuts as she licked her lips and arched her eyebrow.

     She even told him that she was the one that put Sly in the hospital with the ass whooping she put on him.“Yea! I whooped that ass in the alley, for being a punk ass wanna be gangster. Disloyalty is not  tolerated in this game, we kill rats! But out of respect for you, I just beat the bricks off that ass! Cola snapped.

     Battle ran the whole story through his mind. He knew Chrissy was telling the truth. Sly was a spoil entitled brat and this sound like some amateur bullshit that Sly would set up. Chrissy had too much experience in the game to be a part of such foolery and the way she set Hitman and his crew up was brilliant. She protected Chucky’s legacy and those fools never saw it coming. Chrissy was a down chick and that story Sly told him about her and Hitman never sat right with him anyway, he knew how much Chrissy loved Chucky and how down she was for him. As much as he hated to come to terms that his son was a snake, he knew if it wasn’t for Chrissy he would be out of millions and his empire would’ve be destroyed. Battle and Chrissy continued to stare at each other. Battle listened to Chrissy, he watched her every move as she recalled the situation. Again, he notice something about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He saw a difference in her every time the intensity of the story mounted, it was something in her eyes, gestures, language that he noted. Battle understood how Chucky fail in love with Chrissy, she was everything a man needed in a women, a beautiful wife, a sex kitten and a GANGSTER!

“Pack your things, I got something I want you to see!” Battle demanded. Chrissy got up to do what she was told, but stop half way up the stairs, “Well could you at least tell me where we going and how long we are going to be there? I have to know what and how much to pack.” Chrissy asked .

“My home in the Philippines, I’m laying my son to rest next Saturday and I would like for you to attend his home going.” Battle said

“Philippines? Next Saturday? That’s 12 days away! I have no intention of being gone that long. Have you forgotten my husband is in the hospital, I need to be tending to him, and what about his business, the traps all got their packs but that ain’t going to last 12 days. My presence is a must!” Chrissy explained.

Battle smiled, “You’re a bad lil mama! Chucky is lucky to have you. But you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about that, I will take care of it!.” Battle said.

“As much as I would love to say my goodbyes to Sly, my husband is my priority and I must stay here with  him.” Chrissy said sternly.

     Battle stared at Chrissy and puffed his cigar. He now knew Chrissy had nothing to do with Sly’s death. Bird through his weight around the streets and got bits and pieces here and there, enough to know what Chrissy was telling the truth. Plus even Battle agreed that what Chrissy told him added up more than what Sly said. He knew Chrissy was a loyal chick, street smart, and the way she popped that gun at him, a gangster. The vendetta that he had against her, no longer exist.

     Chrissy stood there staring at Battle with mixed emotions, she didn’t give a damn about saying goodbye to Sly, but out of respect for  he and Battle being Chucky’s family, she decided to attend the funeral. Battle stared back a Chrissy, he knew he had acted on his emotions and almost kill Chrissy, his heart skipped a beat and he got butterflies in his stomach as he crumbled under Chrissy’s stare. “Look, I ‘m sorry for what I put your through. I thought you had something to do with the demise of my son. My son was dead and somebody had to pay.” Battle voice cracked as he mentioned his son’s death. “Let me make it up to you, whatever you want, your wish is my command!”

 Chrissy ran what he said through her mind, “Have you got a lead on Hitman?” Chrissy asked.

“Nope, not yet! It’s like that fool vanished into thin air, he had to go underground but that’s ok, if he ever resurface, HE’S A DEAD MAN! Battle said as he clapped his hands.

“Let me think about it, I’m sure we can come up with something. Chrissy said as she went to pack.


Battle made a phone call while Chrissy went to pack. “Hello”

“Kelso, this is Battle?” Battle said.

“Hey man, how you been?” Kelso said with a smile.

“Sly was killed earlier today.” Battle said with sadness.

“WHAT? WHO? HOW? I mean, I’m sorry to hear that man!” Kelso said sincerely. “You need something man, I mean anything, you just let me know!”

“I do need a little help, just for a little while.” Battle said.

“What you need?” Kelso said.

“I need you to handle thangs for a week or two. Chrissy coming for the funeral and with Chucky still….well you know….I…I..really don’t have anybody else I could trust.” Battle asked.

“Sure man, Sure! I been kinda watching out a little since Chucky been in the hospital anyway, so no problem.” Kelso agreed.

“I thought you was out of the game?” Battle said shocked that Kelso been involved.

“If Chrissy and Chucky needs me, I’m there. I know the whole operation because Chucky only trusted me and Chrissy with that info. I can keep things running real smooth until Chucky wakes up or until Chrissy get back. I already restock the bakeries and collected, we can’t have these thirsty niggas out here thinking we weak, so you good!” Kelso reassured Battle.

Battle remain silent, he knew Kelso use to be a beast in those streets before he went straight. He was Chucky’s man so he had no doubt he could trust him and he was bout it, bout it. “Happy to have you back, Man. Good looking out! Stack my money and get it ready for pick up. Let me know what you need and I will keep you straight. Aye Man I owe you one.” Battle said and hung up.

     Kelso always kept his ear to the streets, even though he was living the straight life, his business still was fuel by the drug money he cleaned for Battle. When Chucky got hospitalized he stepped in and handle the money once it was picked up from the stash houses, but now he was about to start handling the distribution of the drugs and he was going to need some help.


       Chrissy merged back down the stairs with her bags and Battle stood to retrieve them. As he reached for them they made eye contact, “Damn this girl is as fine as her mama!” Battle thought to himself.

“Detroit!” Chrissy said and snapped him out of his thought.

“Huh?” He said with a perplexed look.

“I want Chucky to run the city of Detroit. You supply us with what we need and we will make it snow storm up in this bitch. Niggas gonna think we in the North Pole!” Chrissy said.

     Battle couldn’t believe his ears, with the death of his son and the search for Hitman he had completely forgot that the East side of Detroit was left wide open. Chrissy continued, “But we need to make a move now before some come up nigga starts to get some bright idea and start taking over. Then we would have to fight over the territory! That’s why I need to stay in the D, the east side is drying up and we can’t have mutha fuckas thinking we weak! So what’s up with that, Battle?

Battle stood up and started to pace the floor, this was the best time to give Chucky full control of the city, “How is Chucky going to run anything, he’s still in a coma?” Battle asked.

“Don’t worry about where Chucky is, I’m holding him down. As long as I’m around Chucky running this shit!” Chrissy said almost in a growl.

     Battle turned his back to break out in a smile. Chrissy never seize to amaze him. That little gangster bitch in her was back. She was truly down for Chucky, in sickness and in health. Chrissy and Chucky had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Battle respected her, she reminded him of his late wife Mo. “O.K. it’s yours!” He answered as he extended his hand, Chrissy slid her hand in his. He made mental to call Kelso back with more instructions.

“So you forgive me for our misunderstanding?” Battle asked with sad eyes. Chrissy looked him into his apologetic eyes, “No Trip! I understand your reaction if you thought I killed Sly, I would have done the same thing if it was Chucky, but I wouldn’t have missed!”  Chrissy said as they both busted out laughing and walked out the door.


Behind Every Boss There's A Bae Part 3