Behind Every Boss There's A Bae 4



Awaken from his coma to find himself in the fight of his life when he discovers his wife, Chrissy had been kidnapped by the son of the most ruthless kingpin in the Philippines, and most hated enemy of Battle’s, Monsieur Bautista, Chucky heads to the Philippines to rescue the love of his life by any means necessary.

            With Chrissy safely back in his arms, they head back to the states to the catastrophe Chrissy caused to their business, eliminating his enemies and protecting his empire, but if they thought shit was lovely, they thought wrong.

             Through his contact Bhenly, business partner of Sinister, Monsieur Bautista sends his most trusted Lieutenant, Marcie Cortez aka Lioness and his most ruthless soldiers to seek his revenge for his dead son. Promising Monsieur Bautista she would make them all pay for the demise of his son and her secret dominate, she hid in plain sight. Lioness infiltrates Chucky and Chrissy’s lives by auditioning at the Lion’s Den and becoming their marquee dancing for New Year’s Day opening night. But by a chance encounter, Lioness meets Cola under the most exotic circumstances and becomes intoxicated by lust.

            With the assistance of Hitman and Dirty, guns blaze, and bodies drop when the attempted takeover of Chucky’s reign over the D popped off, but Lioness’ attraction to Cola’s dominant feminine aggression dilutes her better judgement, that could possibly cause her her life!  

            In part 4, Behind Every Boss There’s A Bae Cola: The Finale, Cola is at the forefront and if you all been keeping up…Once this Gangster Bitch is unleashed, it wasn’t anything nobody could do about it!