Honesty and respect now had Chucky and Chrissy at the top of their game. Love, money, and power was the antidote that had them ruling the streets on the west side of Detroit. But things aren’t always so sweet when you allow a snake in your garden. When the notorious Luke "Battle" Kent, his connect, introduces his son Sly to the game Chucky takes him under his wing. However, Chrissy has a bad feeling about him but with Chucky’s loyalty to Battle he goes against Chrissy wishes. This turns out to be the beginning of what would not only test their love but the empire that they have built.

When Chucky is hospitalized by a suspicious overdose, Chrissy jumps into place to hold her man down. Her suspicion about Sly is confirmed when she plays into his sexual advances, and soon he reveals his plans to take over Chucky's reign as the Boss of Detroit. With her loyalty to Chucky, Chrissy vows to take Sly and everyone involved in his little ploy down even if it meant letting go of everything that they had built.

Behind Every Boss There's A Bae 2


His Women His Wife