Behind Every Boss There's A Bae 2


His Women His ​Wife

Chucky and Chrissy was well on their way once they were able to get Chrissy’s illness under control. Cola and Beany became a common force behind their relationship as Chucky built a relationship individually with each personality. He had everything a man needed in one woman, a wife, a sex kitten, and a gangster bitch.

Now running the west side of Detroit and The Lion’s Den which was a gift from his connect, The Notorious Luke “Battle” Kent, for his honesty, Chucky and Chrissy was a force to be reckoned with.

Living the fabulous life of a Kingpin, what could possibly go wrong?


Battle introduced his son, Sly, to the game and Chucky takes him under his wing. Against Chrissy’s wishes, she cautioned him about her suspicion of Sly’s intentions that started to cause a strain in their marriage.

Thinking Chucky was out of the picture when he became hospitalized for a suspicious overdose, Sly executed a scheme to take over Chucky’s territory, The Lion’s Den and even his wife. He would soon regret the day he under estimated the love and loyalty that Chrissy has for her husband and incorporated her in his little ploy of treason.     ​