Behind Every Boss

There's A Bae 3:

Beany's Seduction

Chrissy refuses to allow Chucky’s empire to crumble during his absence. Holding down her man create unforeseen drama that when taking down Sly, Battle’s son becomes the inevitable. When Battle comes back to the states to revenge his son’s death he finds that family has become enemies and friends have become foes.

Chucky was the aire of the family business. Battle insisted that Chrissy accompanied him back to the Philippines to lay his son to rest alone side of his deceased wife. During an ambush at Sly’s homegoing, she falls in the hands of his enemy, Ramos Bautista, a psychopathic sexual sadist. Countless cruel videos of Chrissy’s brutal torture were sent to Battle in hopes he would eventually relinquish his drug empire over to the Bautista Family. Battle sent a message to the streets, turning the city upside down, the death rate was at an all-time high but with no avail Chrissy was nowhere to be found.

Chrissy woke up in a cold damp cellar, it did not take her long to realize that she was on her own.  Determine to make it back to the man she loved Chrissy sanctioned her sisters to do whatever it took, by any means necessary.

Behind Every Boss There’s A Bae Part 3 The Seduction of Beany brings Beany to the fore front, using her sexual prowess to escape the clutches of a powerful deviant.