Beany's Seduction

Sneak Peek

Ramos charged down the hall towards me, clearly, something was wrong with the way his nose flared and his lips curled in a scowl. I saw the rage in his eyes, and I returned the same energy cause for whatever was his problem, I was still in control.

“Nah, nah, I got this, I been wanting to dig in his faggot ass since I got out that fucking hell hole!”

Cola was in beast mode.

“No, no, no Cola we have to stay in character! Yo ass going to kill him and we will never get off this island, his security will be all over this Bitch! Plus, I like this shit my pussy dripping already!” Beany snarled.




I slapped her across her face, but she refused to be knocked off her feet.

“You Bitch! You lied to me!”

I grabbed her by her hair.


I pulled her close to my face.

My eyes were burning red, I bared my teeth like claws as spit flew from my mouth.

“YOU KIDNAPPED ME!” she screamed as she dug her nails in my chest.

I shuttered, and she felt it.

My eyes reveal guilt for a second, but I too was in my emotions.

“I wanted you to keep me and your trying to leave me! NEVER!” I scoffed.

I tossed her on the bed, snatched at her leather straps, she raised up and slapped me, and I slapped her back.


She fell back on the bed.

I ripped my pants away, and my dick stuck straight out.

It was so hard it had already started leaking.

“You betrayed me! You lied to me!” I said between clenched teeth.

She climbed up on the bed and stood her ground.

“Ramos, you know I want to keep you,” she softens.

She saw a hesitation in my madness switching up on me. When I grabbed her by her foot and roughly snatched her into me, she grabbed me by my hair and hoisted herself up on my body. Licking the space between my shoulder and neck, she bit down, and I unwillingly moaned.

I was shocked by her reaction.

I grabbed her by the neck, pent her arms over her head and pried her legs open with my knees.

She sucked in her breath anticipating what I was about to put on her.





“Shut the fuck up Chrissy, Chucky ain’t going to miss this little piece of pussy, am trying to save our fuckin’ life,” Beany argued.

“Your ass wanted to fuck him anyway,” Chrissy snapped.

“Well yeah, do you see the size of his dick? Sometimes you got to take one for the team!” Beany licked her lips. “Heifer go watch some T.V. or something. I have to concentrate on what’s going on, now just because I’m going to enjoy it isn’t the point!”




I saw him raging internally.

I had mind fucked him so badly he did not know what emotion he was feeding on.

He bit all over my neck and chest before he put my nipple softly in his mouth. I whimpered, he slid his tongue over to the other one.

Anticipation was building in my belly because of what was about to happen.

He guided his torpedo into my pussy as rough as he could, but my hot wet tunnel was prepared. He jabbed at it trying to cause pain, but I bust it wide open by putting my legs around his neck and gave him all the pussy.

“MMMMM! Shitttttt!” I cried.

His body responded, he grabbed my ankles and bent them behind my head. He was stroking my pussy so good that we got into a rhythmic bounce. I grabbed his curls, tugging at them, pulling them like a jockey racing a horse to the finish line. He loved the pain and the pleasure.

“UGGHHH!” I cried out.

I reached out and slapped him as hard as I could to regain control. 

We both fought for dominance.

He grabbed my leg and flipped me over.

Grabbing my waist and enter me brutally, I lifted my ass in the air and dipped my back. I felt his full length and width pound the depth of me.

“Yes, fuck that pussy, Bitch! Is that all you got?! I thought you were mad at me,” I taunted.

He sped up his pace.

I reached under and put a death grip on his nuts with my nails.

“FUCKKKK MEEEEEE!” I screamed.

He two fisted my hair and rode me into a mind-blowing orgasm.

I felt his body shake, he was about to bust.

“Oh, naw naw, you started this, this don’t end till I say so!”

I flipped him over.

I stood on my feet and ease down on his dick and placed my hands on his chest for balance. I gave his dick a lashing, I bounced, swiveled my hips in a figure 8, and pumped.

His eyes rolled back in his head, his mouth hung open.

“You mad?! You do not want me no more? Huh? What do you want to do with this pussy?” I instigated.

He tried to take the lead again, but I was riding his dick so good, he could not move.

I tighten my muscles around his rod and released, I felt the tremble I was starting to know all too well.

I slid his dick out of my garden, pulled him into a standing position, dropped down on my knees and deep throat him till he touched my tonsil.

I slid my tongue all over his nuts.

I grabbed his ass and slid my fingers over his ass hole.

He humped my mouth furiously.


He screamed like a little girl.

I slipped him out of my mouth just when he busted his load, sucking and licking on his nuts until I drained every drop out of him. His chest was heaving, legs were shaking, sweat drenched his whole body as he fell back on the bed.

I crawled next to him and cradled him in my arms and stroked his head.

“Good Boy!”

He whimpered.

“Please don’t leave me,” he cried over and over.

I lifted my face, licked my lips as I gave him my tongue. Our tongues dance as I pulled him into my embrace like an infant.

“I’m keeping you as long as you will have me,” I lied.

“I love you Mistress, but your friends are about to die,” he continued to whimper.

I stroked his back.

“You better come with yo’ A game because Battle is definitely coming with his,” I concurred.