Chucky and Chrissy gave into their childhood crushes after the tragic death of her beloved mother Money, one of the hottest strippers in Detroit. Her unfortunate death was caused by a crazed Kingpin and owner of the Lion’s Den named Sinister, he took her rejection personally.

Chucky’s mother Ro became indebted to Sinister for some drugs and money she stole, he negotiated a deal to save his mother’s life by working in his organization to pay off her debt. But the payment came with more than what he expected when Sinister sets his eyes on Chrissy as part of the negotiation.

Without a doubt, it was time for Sinister to be dealt with. Disposal was inevitable but handled delicately.

 Stepping into Sinister’s shoes, Chucky took the city by storm, life was good, at first.

Suffering from sporadic migraines from time to time, Chrissy’s illness became more consistent and aggressive. Seeking medical attention at Chucky’s request, what they found, no one would have ever suspected.

Delve into this romantic saga as Chrissy slowly unfolds into Chucky’s best kept secret. 

Behind Every Boss There's A Bae